BlackBerry Bold 9700 Themes: Restrained


 I have always considered BlackBerry Themes a form of art, they can be a very personal and individual way of expressing yourself.  I am a very internal designer, my best work comes out when I really FEEL the heartbeat of a theme or concept but those themes are rare.  Lately I have been having an extraordinarily hard time getting into my designs.  A few weeks ago I bought the BlackBerry Torch on the day it was released and before long it killed my creative drive due to the inability to design for it.  This week I decided to go back to my Hundo(Bold 9700) and I am so glad I did because I was almost immediately hit with the vision for this theme.  This theme was inspired by a very close friend of mine, someone that has become a big part of the BlackBerry ThemePark family and has become my muse, giving me vision for my design again.


  • Menu Style Home Screen
  • Dedicated Word Icons for Messages, SMS, and Calendar with Hidden Today Panel
  • 6 user selectable icons
  • Clickable Clock

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