BlackBerry Theme Studio 6.0 Officially Released (Finally!)

RIM has just let us know that BlackBerry Theme Studio Gold has just been posted for public download.  I have to say that while I am happy to see the release, I may have rolled my eyes a little when I got the email.  Theme Studio 6.0 has been the most frustrating release of BlackBerry Theme Studio since I have been a theme developer( Ii started developing with the BlackBerry Pearl 8100).  Usually it is between 30 and 60 days after a new device launches that we see an official update of our theme development software and we have almost always seen a fairly stable leak after 2 weeks or so.  This time has been drawn out to the point that for a while I just threw up my hands and focused on developing products for the Android Market, considering that the BlackBerry Torch 9800 was launched with AT&T on August 12th, 2010 and we didn’t even see a beta release  until the BlackBerry Developers Conference several months later.  Even worse is the fact that the beta release bricked my Torch.

Screen shot of the official BlackBerry Theme Studio 6.0 release

Features of BlackBerry Theme Studio 6.0:

  • Support for the latest BlackBerry devices, including the BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 and BlackBerry® Style™ 9670 handsets, and BlackBerry® 6.
  • Support for theming BlackBerry 6 features such as graphic popup menus, plus the addition of BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™), Facebook®, and Twitter® feeds to Today screens.
  • New productivity features allow you to batch update all of the graphics in a theme automatically. You can also change fonts across multiple phone screens automatically. Also, BlackBerry Theme Studio continues to be compatible with popular graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop® and Corel® Paint Shop Pro.
  • A Background Wizard makes it easy to add dynamic wallpapers to your theme. Options include date-based or time-based changes (to highlight a special holiday or change images by the time of day), and slideshow backgrounds (to cycle through your favorite photos).
  • A new user interface lets you click on any item on the preview and directly edit its settings. This allows faster editing and a shorter learning curve, plus you can select multiple items to change them all at once.
  • A new export option makes it easier to offer themes through BlackBerry App World™. The export packages all of the correct files and settings into a single zip file, ready for upload to BlackBerry App World.
  • The bug with the Calendar icon appears to have been fixed.

For some reason RIM has posted this with separated commercial and consumer links(not really sure why) so I am giving you these links as they posted them.  The new release can be downloaded from here for personal use, and from here for commercial use.

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