Rapid Access Keyboard for BlackBerry Themes


Q: What is the Rapid Access Keyboard?

A: The Rapid Access Keyboard is something new to BlackBerry ThemePark and was created by our Theme Developers for us exclusively.  We feel that it is a disservice to BlackBerry Theme Consumers when developers change their Hot Keys constantly from theme to theme, so we have decided to create a streamlined user experience from now on with RAK integration into all of our themes(Obviously for BlackBerries with keyboards).  The RAK has been crafted to work hand in hand with standard out of box BlackBerry Shortcuts, instead of creating redundant keystrokes like some of the other Double Function Keyboards out there.  This allows you to be incredibly adept at navigating into tons of applications without the need to scroll through multiple screens.

Q: How do I know if a theme is equipped with the RAK?

A: EASY!  We have created this easy to recognize RAK Seal to designate the BlackBerry Themes that have been empowered with this functionality.


Q: I love using Hot Keys but I always forget what they are, is there an easy way to reference what they are?

A: Yes we totally understand that until it becomes muscle memory it is necessary to be able to quickly reference a list of available shortcuts so each theme with RAK built in has an RAK icon that takes you to a list for quick review at any time.

The List of RAK shortcuts is below:

  • (F) Profiles
  • (0) SMS and MMS
  • (alt + w) Pictures
  • (alt + e) Music
  • (alt + r) Videos
  • (alt + s) IM Plus
  • (alt + d) SocialScope
  • (alt + f) Ubertwitter
  • (alt + z) Setup Wifi
  • (alt + x) Ringtones
  • (alt + c) Manage Connections



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